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The Little Prince - the animated series

For over 60 years, the Little Prince has traveled through time, as if he has escaped from his poetic book. An icon of the collective imagination, an ambassador of the noblest causes, an emblematic figure of childhood, the Little Prince has become a mythical character around the world. A meeting between Aton Soumache and Olivier d’Agay, the director of Saint-Exupéry’s literary estate, was the impetus to usher the Little Prince into the 21st century, through an unprecedented cross-media experiment destined to “give the Little Prince back to children.”
The universe is in danger. Stars are being extinguished, one after the other, after the Snake’s fateful visit. Accompanied by his inseparable Fox, the The Little Prince must solve this problem, and leaves his asteroid and his rose for a great journey. Traveling from planet to planet, he discovers vast, enchanting worlds governed by different types of laws - sometimes fanciful, sometimes utopian or absurd.
Directed by Alain Chatrier
Tv adaptation Matthieu Delaporte & Alexandre de la Patellière
Creation & Graphic adaptation by Bertrand Gatignol
Head of writing Christel Gonnard
Original Score by Frédéric Talgorn
Genre Adventure, fantastic
Format 78 x 26'
3 Seasons
Seasons 1&2
© 2011 - LPPTV - Method Animation - Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (France) - LP Animation - Fabrique d'Images - DQ Entertainment (International) Limited - ARD
Season 3
© 2014 - LPPTV - Method Animation - LP Animation - AB Productions - DQ Entertainment (International) Limited - WDR - JCCTV 


The Little Prince

The Rose

The fox

The snake

The Businessman

The king

The hunter

The geoprapher


Gabriel Bismuth Bienaimé

French dubbing
The Little Prince

Marie Gillain

French dubbing
The Rose

Franck Capillery

French dubbing
The Fox

Damien Ferette

French dubbing
The King

Guillaume Gallienne

French dubbing
The Snake

Marc Saez

French dubbing
The Hunter



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